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This series takes as its point of departure the award-winning issue of Newsweek Magazine published on November 20, 1967: "The Negro in America, What Must Be Done, a Program for Action." Moderated by Manhattan Borough president Percy Sutton, it features discussions about potential solutions to problems affecting ghettos, urban areas, and race relations.

Available Episodes

1968-11-29The National Commitment00:29:18
1968-11-23Aid for the Needy00:30:01
1968-10-21Money Sources00:30:31
1968-10-11Money Sources00:29:30
1968-10-07Employment, Part 200:30:12
1968-09-30Employment, Part 100:30:05
1968-09-20Education, Part 200:28:42
1968-09-12Education, Part 100:30:22
1968-08-12Black-White Relations Today00:29:38