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This series discusses problems affecting today's youth, such as mental health, delinquency, crime, social pressures. It also considers solutions for parents and youths to employ.

Available Episodes

1958-01-01An eye for an eye00:28:31
1958-01-01A hand of help00:30:00
1958-01-01Man for himself00:29:50
1958-01-01A school's role00:28:50
1958-01-01Juvenile delinquency00:27:15
1958-01-01"Style of life" makes a man00:27:26
1958-01-01Those who serve00:28:30
1958-01-01Controls from within00:29:02
1958-01-01Love is not enough00:29:30
1958-01-01The greater generation00:28:57