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E.W. Ziebarth, Dean of the summer session at University of Minnesota, and ten other faculty members embarked upon a month-long trip through the Soviet Union. Ziebarth interviewed his peers about their thoughts on the trip.

Available Episodes

1959-01-01Dr. Francis Boddy00:14:29
1959-01-01Thomas Magner00:13:30
1959-01-01Dr. John Borchert00:15:00
1959-01-01Dr. John Turner00:14:31
1959-01-01Dr. William Howell00:14:56
1959-01-01Dr. Philip M. Raup00:14:42
1959-01-01Dr. J.W. Buchta00:14:55
1959-01-01Dr. Robert Holloway00:14:50
1959-01-01Dr. Robert Beck00:14:42
1959-01-01Dr. Robert Holt00:14:30