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The thoughts of distinguished Americans in a survey of American eduction.

Available Episodes

1961-03-21Dr. Ernest O. Melby00:29:05
1961-03-14Dr. George S. Counts00:29:32
1961-03-07William Benton00:29:27
1961-02-28Arthur S. Flemming00:29:26
1961-02-27Dr. Henry Steele Commager00:29:20
1961-02-21Norman Cousins00:29:25
1961-02-14Charles A. Siepmann00:29:32
1961-02-09William Benton00:29:28
1961-01-31Dr. Margaret Mead00:29:28
1961-01-12Fred Hechinger00:29:40
1961-01-05Fred Hechinger00:29:36
1960-12-12Dr. Arthur S. Adams00:17:34
1960-12-02Hubert Humphrey00:29:34
1960-12-01Chester Bowles00:29:30
1960-11-28Charles A. Siepmann00:29:28
1960-11-22Dr. Margaret Mead00:29:32