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This series, hosted by Lenny Kessel, presents selections from various rare jazz albums.

Available Episodes

1968-08-27Count Basie, part II00:28:57
1968-08-23Count Basie, part I00:30:00
1968-08-15Keynote Label00:29:07
1968-08-12Art Tatum, part II00:30:02
1968-07-01Mezz Mezzrow, part I00:29:00
1968-07-01Art Tatum, part I00:29:26
1968-07-01Various Artists00:27:58
1968-07-01Pee Wee Russell00:27:48
1968-07-01Various artists00:29:08
1968-07-01Mezz Mezzrow, part II00:29:24
1968-07-01Meade "Lux" Lewis00:29:23
1968-07-01Rhythm Makers00:28:49
1968-07-01Adrian Rollini00:30:02