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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.

Available Episodes

1961-05-16Treatment programs, part 500:14:31
1961-05-16Treatment programs, part 600:14:42
1961-04-28Treatment programs, part 400:14:38
1961-04-28Treatment programs, part 300:14:29
1961-04-17Treatment programs, part 100:14:39
1961-04-17Treatment programs, part 200:14:39
1961-04-03Narcotic education00:14:44
1961-04-03Addiction: Midwest status00:14:45
1961-01-04An addict speaks, part 100:14:30
1961-01-04An addict speaks, part 200:14:35
1960-12-19Cocaine and heroin00:14:42
1960-12-02Introduction to the problem00:14:12