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Jazz historian Nat Hentoff presents a series that traces the history of jazz, from its musical and cultural roots to its contemporary forms.

Available Episodes

1965-06-03Series wrap up, part two00:16:19
1965-06-03Series wrap up, part one00:29:40
1965-06-02Program 3800:30:19
1965-05-14Dave Brubeck, part one00:28:25
1965-05-14Dave Brubeck, part two00:29:25
1965-05-06Hot jazz, part two00:28:36
1965-05-06Program 3700:28:36
1965-04-19Bop continued, part two00:26:55
1965-04-19Bop continued, part one00:28:25
1965-04-01Bop, part two00:28:51
1965-04-01Bop, part one00:29:30
1965-03-08Count Basie, part two00:29:46
1965-03-08Count Basie, part one00:28:54
1965-02-27Kansas City, part one00:29:42
1965-02-27Kansas City, part two00:29:54
1965-02-18Swing, part one00:29:50
1965-02-18Swing, part two00:29:06
1965-02-05Duke Ellington, part two00:29:35
1965-02-05Duke Ellington, part one00:30:27
1965-01-27Large jazz bands, part one00:29:34
1965-01-27Large jazz bands, part two00:29:28
1965-01-26Fats Waller, part one00:29:21
1965-01-26Fats Waller, part two00:29:34
1964-12-30Bix Beiderbecke, part one00:27:23
1964-12-30Bix Beiderbecke, part two00:28:17
1964-12-17Chicago jazz, part one00:29:23
1964-12-17Chicago jazz, part two00:29:20
1964-12-14Jazz spreads, part one00:28:34
1964-12-14Jazz spreads, part two00:28:53
1964-12-07Dixieland, part one00:28:57
1964-12-07Dixieland, part two00:28:47
1964-11-05Growth of jazz, part one00:29:24
1964-11-05Growth of jazz, part two00:29:16
1964-10-29Ragtime, part two00:28:44
1964-10-29Ragtime, part one00:29:16
1964-10-15New Orleans jazz, part two00:29:02
1964-10-15New Orleans jazz, part one00:29:19
1964-10-15Form of the blues, part one00:29:16
1964-10-15Form of the blues, part two00:28:49
1964-09-15Introduction, part two00:29:36
1964-09-15Introduction, part one00:29:16