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A series of documentaries depicting the increasing importance of the South in the economic development of the United States. Narrated by Walt Whitaker, written and produced by Leroy Bannerman, with Dr. Walter B. Jones as senior consultant.

Available Episodes

1954-01-01From the ground up00:29:09
1954-01-01Miner's lamp00:29:38
1954-01-01Mississippi manuscript00:29:17
1954-01-01Tall timber00:29:14
1954-01-01Portrait of strength00:29:29
1954-01-01Goodly land00:29:30
1954-01-01Pipeline to progress00:29:40
1954-01-01Men of magic00:29:40
1954-01-01Black gold: A study in oil00:29:30
1954-01-01Domes of destiny00:29:13
1954-01-01Fruit of thy labor00:29:33
1954-01-01Sunrise down south00:29:12
1954-01-01Look away, Dixieland00:29:29
1954-01-01Building a better Southland00:29:09
1954-01-01Textile tapestry00:29:20