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Explores the thoughts and feelings of American youth in the 20th century. Writer-director Ben Park talks with teenagers and parents, teachers and friends.

Available Episodes

1961-12-20What are teenagers made of00:29:20
1961-05-23Three in a gang00:29:35
1961-05-18Vic wants to be an actor00:29:27
1961-05-10Jim and his old man00:29:12
1961-04-25Joanne goes back to Grandma00:28:39
1961-04-17Rita looks for older men00:28:54
1961-04-11Joey has his doubts00:29:15
1961-04-06The rocking rebel00:29:28
1961-03-29Five for segregation00:29:10
1961-03-22Five sat down00:29:25
1961-03-16Suburbia sees the dawn00:28:54
1961-03-08Suburbia in dismay00:29:06