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Documentary-drama with discussions by child-care experts about exceptional children, both handicapped and gifted.

Available Episodes

1956-01-01Poor little boy00:29:11
1956-01-01The hurdles too high00:29:16
1956-01-01Boy who was cooked too soon00:29:11
1956-01-01Neither devilish nor divine00:29:02
1956-01-01Tomorrow: Step by step00:29:08
1956-01-01Nobody buys a broken doll00:29:10
1956-01-01Home away from home00:29:11
1956-01-01What good is a building?00:29:10
1956-01-01The child out of step00:29:23
1956-01-01Help wanted00:29:14
1956-01-01Everybody knows my name00:29:17